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Most Sought After Beauty Salon in Narre Warren

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Our Therapeutic & Chirally Correct treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs, targeting your specific concerns from acne, dehydration, and sun damaged and to also prematurely aged skin, to help you restore optimum healthy skin.

Serious, high-end skincare should be accessible to everyone.

We offer Australia’s most effective cosmedical range using top-quality, potent and cutting edge ingredients from all over the world.

• Cosmedical grade, chirally correct skincare
• Australian made, Australian owned
• Visible results, not ridiculous claims
• No animal testing or animal derived ingredients

Our products are not about hype, expensive packaging or luxury, but rather scientific formulations based on clinically proven ingredients and noticeable skin results.

"Wake up to longer, thicker and more beautiful lashes every day"

We are proud to have certified lash extension stylists to extend your beauty.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the most available on the market today.

We now offer the same eyelash extensions all of Hollywood is raving about!

  • More luscious, 
  • More thicker,
  • More softer 
  • More fuller & fluffy lashes


  • Water resistant
  • Lasts up to 8 to 9 weeks
  • Natural look and feel
  • Relaxing & comfortable treatment

At My Body Skin & Lashes we use the best available products on the market for our eyelash extension. The Adhesive we use is made in USA with an advanced medical grade adhesive, eyelashes we use is single strands , Pure Silk and 100% Authentic Mink (harvested by gently brushing live animals)  which is individually attached to your lashes. our lash therapists will design an individual look to suit your eyes. 

Enter the world of peace and renewal

We all need some time to get away from the busy world and focus on taking care of ourselves. At My Body, Skin & Lashes, you can escape from the stress of your responsibilities and sooth your mind, body and soul.

Retreat to our quiet and peaceful day spa, where you’ll receive all the pampering and care you can dream of. 

Instantly great treatments

At My Body, Skin & Lashes, we believe that treatments can’t just be good, they must be so great that they become a memorable experience for you. Obviously, this has a lot to do with using excellent products. But, more to the point, it’s all about the expertise of our therapists