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Beauty Salon Narre Warren - Lash Extensions in narre warren

Extend Your Beauty, Wake up to Longer, Thicker and more Beautiful Eyelashes Every Day......

What Are The Eyelash Extension Made of?

The lash extensions we use at My Body Skin & Lashes is made in USA (not Asia) with an advanced medical grade adhesive and synthetic, single strands of lashes which are individually attached to your lashes. our lash therapists will design an individual look to suit your eyes to give you longer, fuller and natural or as glamorous as you desire, depends on the health and strength of your natural lashes.  

Is Lash Extensions Safe?

The Adhesive we use for lash extensions is medical grade adhesive formula with same ingredient used where adhesive is inserted to seal the wound. (not super glue).

The procedure is pain-free and will not harm your eyelids or natural lashes. WE WILL NEVER APPLY LASHES DIRECTLY TO YOUR EYELIDS.

How Are The Lashes Applied.

You will be comfortably laying on our massage bed with your eyes closed, hydrating eye pad is placed under your eyes to hydrate under and protect your bottom lashes while we are working on your top eyelashes.

Our certified lash therapists will apply the lashes to your individual natural eyelashes, one lash to one lash, using the safe and exclusive bonding agent.

How Do I Prepare For My Lash Extension Appointment?

Do not curl your lashes or wear ANY mascara. Remove contact lenses and thoroughly clean you lashes with mild, water based cleanser. eyelids and lashes must be completely clean, dry and oil free.

How Long Will My Eyelash Extensions Last?

Everyone is different and depending on how well you look after your new eyelashes determines how long they may last on you. If you follow the aftercare we recommended for you. You should fine your lashes will last quiet well for up to 8 weeks with the need to touch ups (refill) done every 2 to 4 weeks. A natural lash typically falls our every 60 to 90 days and is replaces with the growth of a new eyelash. At any given moment, ach of your natural eyelashes are at different stage of it's life cycle. Touch ups will replace the lashes that have completed their life cycle.

Can I Apply mascara to My Eyelash Extensions?

One of the primary advantage for eyelash extensions is that you won't need mascara. However if you do want to use mascara ask your certified lash therapist for recommendations. At My Body, Skin & Lashes we do retail lash extension product to help you to prolong the wear of your eyelash extensions.


How Do I Care For My New Eyelash Extensions?

Your new eyelash extensions are long, thick and beautiful! you can enjoy these lashes with a little need to adjust your lifestyle. They are resistant to water, sweat and tears. Swim, shower and exercise worry free. Ask your certified lash therapist for an Aftercare Guide for your new lashes. 

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