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Beauty Salon Narre Warren Vic call 038786 3386 - Waxing

All our therapists go through intensive in house training to adapt My Body, Skin & Lashes waxing techniques and style. This ensures each and every therapist have the highest standard of excellence so you can be assured of superior waxing results. 

We use only high quality professional products, disposable spatulas & bed sheets for all wax sessions to provide you with the safest, most hygienic waxing available. Our wax is always set to an appropriate temperature to suit the temperature of your skin and We say NO to DOUBLE DIPPING!

Waxing for Her
Brazilian xxx (all off)
Brazilian G-bikini
Bikini Standard
Full Legs
Half Legs 
3/4 Legs
Full Arms
Half Arms
 Side of Face
Snail Trail
Stomach (full stomach)
 Lower Back or Buttocks
 Full Face 
 Lip Chin & Eyebrow
 Lip & chin
 Lip & Eyebrow


This is a fantastic solution if your eyebrows and eyelashes are very fair. Tinting will give you very natural looking eyebrows and lashes to compliment your facial features. The tint will generally last between 3-4 weeks depending on your exposure to sunshine and other bleaching elements.

Eyebrow Tint
 Eyelash Tint
 Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint
Waxing Packages for Her
Brazilian xxx, Half Leg & Underarm  
Brazilian xxx, Full Leg & Underarm
G-bikini, Half Leg & Underarm 
G-bikini, Full Leg & Underarm 

Our Promise To you....

We Never double dip!!!  By this I mean we never ever stick the same spatula in to the wax pot twice.

The stick should be thrown away in the bin immediately or metal spatula should be sanitized straight after each client (we will use 20 spatulas if we have to for ½ leg wax but never double dip).

Imagine waxing every client with just one stick and you kept double dipping?  The tin of wax would have traces of blood, pubic hair, and flees (especially if the client didn’t clean up properly!!) It would be a breeding ground for bacteria, which is extremely unhygienic and not fair to other clients.

Wax needs to heat up to 120 degrees to ‘kill’ any bacteria. So please don’t be fooled into believing if it’s hot wax you’ll be safe, It's not hot enough to kill the germs, it is kept at a warm temperature so it’s not too hot to be applied on your skin, it is a perfect breeding ground for germs to faster and multiply. Germs love warm places!  Most salon owners don’t want to invest extra money to pay for extra spatulas or then as a client you are the ones become victimized by the crime the salons commit.

I would strongly suggest that before you book in for any waxing session at any beauty salon, do your homework, and ask the beauty salon that you wanted to be booked in, if they double dip or do they wear gloves when they perform a waxing session?

Imaging not wearing glove to perform a waxing session, how much bacteria they would accumulate under their nails during the day. Yuck!!

Luba Voronov - Beauty Director

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